1. Employer's Account information

    Your Employer account allows you to post job advertisements to the Joined.com Job Board. You can also create a social media employer profile to promote your employer brand and job openings to potential candidates.

  2. View & Edit Profile

    Edit Profile - Only one profile can be made. Fields that are mandatory are marked with a red star. Once you finish editing your profile, click the Submit button.

    View Profile - Once a profile exists, you can View the profile when you are logged into your account. The profile is displayed just as everyone else would see it.

  3. Add/Manage Job Postings

    Post Jobs - You can post a new job from here or you can edit or delete your previous jobs. From the Job Postings Manager, you can see which postings have been approved and which postings are on the waiting list to be approved.

    Job Postings Manager - Activate, Deactivate, Edit or Delete Job Postings.

  4. Html Editor Tips

    The Job Postings Editor is an advanced HTML editor which allows you to format your advertisement text in more interesting ways. Here are some tips for using the editor:

    • To go to a new line without starting a new paragraph, press "Shift" + "Enter"
    • Try to avoid pasting text from Word and other advanced editors
    • Don't over-use and put too much formatting - it may make your posting difficult to read!