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Stephen Hester

Stephen Hester

Service Project Engineer

Lewisville, TX, US

About Me
When I retired from the Army this past summer I knew that there was going to be more to it than just getting a job and biding my time until my next retirement. There HAD to be more! I decided that in order to make this happen I had to redefine my comfort zone. I had to get out of the comfortable position that I was in. But that position was comfortable psychologically, not financially. I realized that whatever I wanted to happen wasn't going to if I did not decide to do things differently than I had been. Don't get me wrong. I had spent almost my entire adult life in the military and have no regrets about that. I'd do it all again if I had to start over. Retirement and a new job meant a whole new ball game and the current economic mess meant the rules had changed dramatically. My choice: continue playing by the old rules and take my chances that my 401(k) and Social Security would be there or change my game plan and take charge of my future. I decided to take charge. I know where I want to go but the path is not always clear. The risks, however, are less than those of continuing to follow the standard job script. The penalties for failure are no worse but the rewards are certainly much better. These days, too many people are continuing to rely on a "good job", benefits, investments, and a 401(k) to get them through to retirement and beyond. This model is a gamble at best and as many have learned you can work your entire life and have nothing at the end. 65 or 70 years of age is too late to learn you've lost that bet! Too many people are still looking for that sense of security, though false, that comes with a job and are reluctant to discuss what they would do if it all went away. The vast majority would find another job and hope for a different outcome! Yes, jobs are still essential and we all need money but I intend for my job to be a launch pad and somebody else can have it when I no longer need it!

Number of years experience : 20

Salary preference :

Number of people managed: 10-25

Security clearance : Yes

Military experience : Yes

Languages : English

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