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John W. Rooney

John W. Rooney

Associate Professor

Franklin Pierce

Epping, NH, US

About Me
Looking For : Associate Patent Attorney opportunities

Consulting opportunites (legal, healthcare, higher education, teaching)

John W. Rooney is an accomplished educator with extensive knowledge in science and law. He earned a B.A. in Molecular Biology at U.C. Berkeley and completed his PhD in Genetics at Harvard. After a postdoctoral fellowship as a Cancer Research Institute fellowship recipient, he worked for three biotech companies. In all of his research, he has focused on the molecular biology of the immune system. During his research and professional work, he published many well-regarded scientific papers.

To pursue his interest in the legal, political, and social ramifications of health care, health care policy, and pharmaceutical developments, John W. Rooney earned a law degree at Vermont Law School, where he was also a semester associate at Fletcher Allen Healthcare, Burlington, Vermont, in the Offices of Compliance, General Counsel, and Risk Management.

Upon graduating from law school, John took a one year Research Associate position at Dartmouth University, studying gene regulation by steroid hormone receptors. For the last three years, he has been an Associate Adjunct Professor, teaching courses in Law, Liberal Arts, and Sciences, at Hesser College, Manchester Community College, New Hampshire Technical Institute, and Franklin Pierce University. He is also a paid consultant in Science Curriculum Development for The Saylor Foundation.

John W. Rooney hopes to merge his scientific knowledge and expertise with his legal training to become a Patent Attorney as well as continue his teaching. He recently passed the Massachusetts State Bar Exam and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Registration to Practice Exam.  His memberships are pending.

He currently lives near the Boston area.

Number of years experience : 15

Salary preference : $60,000 - $70,000

Number of people managed: Less than 5

Security clearance : No

Military experience : No

Languages : English

This member does not have any skills to display.
Work History
Dartmouth College

Job Title: Research Associate

Time Frame: May 2008 To present

Job Description: Conducting research on gene regulation by steroid hormone receptors.

Fletcher Allen Health Care--Office of Intergrity and Compliance

Job Title: Semester Associate

Time Frame: Aug 2007 To Dec 2007

Job Description: Assisted Offices of Integrity and Compliance, Risk Management, and General Counsel, with various legal issues involving extensive legal research, analyses, and memo writing and presentations. Performed throughough analysis of Fletcher Allen Health Care's compliance with Federal laws (Stark law, Anti-kickback, Medicare/Medicaid regulations, False Claims Act, etc...)

Atherogenics, Inc

Job Title: Senior Scientist

Time Frame: Aug 2002 To Aug 2003

Job Description: Validation, and elucidation of molecular action, of potential therapeutics for the treatment of asthma, COPD, and autoimmunity. Regular interaction/presentations to scientific, lay, and managerial staff. Representation/presentations of research at national scientific conferences.

Equipped and established the division of Molecular Immunology, including setting up of Florescent Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) facility and training of others in how to use this. Took multiple basic and advanced courses in FACS at Becton Dickenson facility in NJ.

EpiGenesis Pharmaceuticals

Job Title: Scientist

Time Frame: Mar 2001 To Mar 2002

Job Description: Brought in as as a molecular immunologist. Established cell model systems to validate antisense asthma therapeutics. Screened and isolated genes for potential candidates. Participated in compliance with FDA clinical trials. Organized Blood Borne Pathogen training course for employees in compliance with NIH guidelines. Presentations at scientific conferences.

EpiGenesis went out of business in March of 2002.

Columbia College for Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY.

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Time Frame: Aug 1996 To Jan 2001

Job Description: Isolated, validated, and characterized genes involved in human hematopoietic stem cell differentiation using retroviral introduction of genes and a myriad of function assays. Also ventured into microbial pathogenesis of immune cells including HIV, Legionella pneumophila, Staph aureus, amoebic dysentery, and and other.

Recipient of the Cancer Research Institute's Postdoctoral Fellowship Award.

UC Berkeley, Dept of Molecular Cell Biology

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Time Frame: Jul 1995 To Jul 1996

Job Description: Cloned genes using a novel PCR-based technique, employing transgenic mice, involved in thymocyte selection--part of "thymic education," or how immune systems are educated into distinguishing between self and foreign antigens.

Tularik, Inc. (a subsidiary of Genentech, Inc)

Job Title: visiting researcher/scholar

Time Frame: Jan 1994 To Apr 1994

Job Description: Part of my Harvard graduate work to discover the transcription factor "master switch" that determined whether immature T helper cells would differentiate into T helper 1 or T helper 2 cells (each have very specific roles in the role of the immune system).

This work culminated in the later discover of the protein c-maf, which is solely sufficient to drive T helper cell progenitors entirely towards T helper 2 cells! (This was incorporated into my Harvard thesis and was published in the journal Cell.)

University of Washington, Seattle

Job Title: Research Technologist

Time Frame: Feb 1988 To Feb 1990

Job Description: This was my first job upon graduating from UC Berkeley.

We identified the transcription factors NF-kappa B, Oct-1, and Oct-2, as necessary and sufficient for the regulation for of the kappa immunoglobulin genes. Part of these findings employed mutant B cells which we developed for our studies. This was very exciting, expecially for a scientist just beginning his career!

Hesser College

Job Title: Associate Professor (Adjunct), Departments of Liberal Studies, Paralegal Studies, and Medical Assisting

Time Frame: Mar 2009 To Mar 2010

Job Description: Taught courses in Business Law, Medical Law, Bioethics, Anatomy and Physiology, Conflict Resolution, Human Biology.

Also completed Course Level Assessments.

Manchester Community College

Job Title: Associate Professor (Adjunct), Department of Math and Science

Time Frame: Jun 2010 To present

Job Description: Teaching Anatomy and Physiology courses.


Job Title: Associate Professor (Adjunct), Department of Chemistry and BIological Sciences

Time Frame: Jul 2010 To present

Job Description: Teaching Anatomy and Physiology courses to Nursing Students.

Franklin Pierce University

Job Title: Associate Professor (Adjunct), College of Graduate & Professional Studies

Time Frame: To

Job Description:

The Saylor Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Job Title: Academic Consultant, Online Curriculum Development

Time Frame: To

Job Description: Courses designed: BIO306, Botany; BIO302, Intro to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.

Peer reviewed several course.


Job Title: Associate Professor (Adjunct), Certification Program in Legal Nurse Consultant Studies

Time Frame: To

Job Description: Teaching LNC102 Risk Management and LNC105 Legal and Healthcare Ethics

South University Online (EDMC Online Higher Education)

Job Title: Associate Professor (Adjunct), Program in Health Sciences

Time Frame: To

Job Description: Teaching BIO3344, Introduction to Genetics (upper-level course)

Certificate of Completion, Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Summer Institute.

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UC Berkeley
Vermont Law School
Franklin Pierce Law Center

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