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Donna Khanvali

Donna Khanvali

HR Service Center Manager

Alameda, CA, US

About Me

Number of years experience : 10

Salary preference :

Number of people managed: 25 or more

Security clearance : No

Military experience : No

Languages : English

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Work History
Radian Group, Inc.

Job Title: HR Service Center Managerr

Time Frame: Jan 2006 To Oct 2007

Job Description: Managed rapid transformation of an ineffective HR call center. Shifted resources, improved all processes, and developed tracking systems and work tools to increase effectiveness, ensure compliance, and facilitate first metrics data collection. Efficient designs increased work capacity 20%. Created a feedback system that reduced issue resolution time 75%, increasing customer satisfaction. Augmented call center use 70% through marketing campaign and improved reputation.

Reshaped a demoralized group into a cohesive team of engaged customer service professionals by providing superior training and reference materials, setting clear expectations, and by rewarding excellence. Utilized a management style of approachability and fairness. Solicited feedback constantly and eliminated “pain points.” Ensured that employees understood the “bigger picture” regarding workflow upstream and downstream as well as alignment with company objectives. Improved performance 20% with all team members achieving “meets” or “exceeds” ratings.

Reorganized HR processing and HR record keeping practices at Radian by establishing company standards beyond legal requirements with the Internal Audit and Legal departments. Redesigned the processes involved and implemented change management strategies and provided training to ensure stakeholder buy-in of new expectations. Coordinated the clean up of over 3500 personnel files and related processes for HIPAA and SOX compliance. Established practices that enabled the department to pass external audits for the first time in over ten years. Designed centralized record keeping for benefits vendor interfaces and invoice processing. Streamlined the paperwork interface between HR and Payroll.

Created a rigorous document control system to deter use of outdated materials and enable efficient management of over 150 process maps and supporting documents. Created protocol for accurate record of item ownership, implementation status, current version number, process and document change history, master location, and association with other processes and documents. Wrote comprehensive instructions for use of the system. Reduced training resources required by 75% through instructional documentation and deterred use of outdated processes, forms, and materials.

Repaired or strengthened collaborative partnerships with all HR process stakeholders, with other departments and with external vendors, reducing processing correction time by 75%. Researched process problems by canvassing all stakeholders regarding interface issues. Systematically improved processes accordingly to eliminate stakeholder pain points and improve efficiency. Re-established process interface service level agreements.

Managed a large project to document all 150 workflow processes identified in the HR department. Oversaw the capture of accurate workflow maps in graphic Visio format and ensured inclusion of quality assurance steps in process workflows. Developed a comprehensive spreadsheet for keeping records of the implementation status of each process map and its accompanying documents. Also developed weekly progress reports for management and provided prioritization guidance. Enabled the HR Dept. to realize a goal of demonstrated efficiency and effectiveness. Ensured departmental control of process consistency through first workflow documentation and incorporation of quality assurance steps. Reduced audit preparation, execution and clean-up time by 30%.

Khanvali Consulting

Job Title: Consultant

Time Frame: Jul 1994 To Dec 2005

Job Description: Consulting experience includes work for clients in the education, communications, pharmaceutical, and banking industries and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Improved critical functions of a struggling company in the communications industry to enable forward movement during a workforce crisis. Developed and documented a legally defensible employee staffing process and used it to secure key talent, recovering a 50% headcount loss at a crucial point in the work season. Averted possible loss of 10% of client base through timely hire. Established the company’s first documentation of an objective selection process, positioning management to conduct future staffing increases within EEOC regulations. Trained management in the use of the new selection process and in the behavioral interview technique.

Developed a highly effective work tool to provide detailed guidance in managing a complicated cyclical project. Comprehensive design with detailed instructions eliminated 98% of error by controlling order in which process steps were completed and by emphasizing appropriate timing. Eliminated the need to spend 5% of workweek creating reports, reduced user stress and improved vendor relationships.

Delivered instructional design to numerous clients using the ADDIE model. Analyzed training needs, developed appropriate curriculum, designed training materials, facilitated instruction and evaluated effectiveness. Reduced change resistance and increased change compliance with collaborative style. Reduced future downtime waiting for training availability and knowledge transfer by up to 80% by creating training reference materials for self-guided instruction.

Developed and delivered tools and instructions for new hire paperwork initially completed by line managers. Streamlined process for HR form analysis and tracking. Developed a graphic guide for correct completion of the federal I-9 form because of its high rate of error and high compliance rigidity. Increased progress reporting accuracy and delivery by 75%. Reduced new hire paperwork error by 50%, and by 80% for the I-9 form in particular, for one client. Identified and facilitated training for managers with continued unacceptable error rates.

Transferred undocumented knowledge from key employees’ mental processes into written form as operational instructions for several clients. Observed and tactfully interviewed employees about their day-to-day responsibilities and captured previously undocumented details in outline form. Ensured the accuracy of any drafted operational instructions with all available stakeholders and subject matter experts, and through testing. Rendered all documentation in an instructional format to enable new users to conduct the work with minimal guidance, often using graphic representations. Reduced time and effort for new employees to resume operations, sometimes by as much as 75%. Protected important operational knowledge from being lost in the event of the sudden departure of a key employee, which could otherwise take months and thousands of dollars to recover.


Job Title: Founder and President

Time Frame: Jul 1988 To Jun 1994

Job Description: Developed and led a non-profit corporation that improved the quality of life for over 750 families representing nearly 2000 children. Identified the need for countywide social and educational opportunities for new parents. Initiated a marketing campaign to attract membership, a volunteer staff and support. Developed detailed written operating instructions for the entire corporation. Positioned the corporation for continued success through strong structure and operational design and documentation. Designed and delivered a monthly newsletter and educational seminars. Provided life-saving intervention and education such as “stop-drop-and roll” fire safety methods, child fingerprinting identification kits, and abduction prevention techniques.

Recruited, trained, motivated and managed a strongly committed volunteer force of over 30. Established 12 unique positions required for the corporation to function and created a thorough job description and training instructions for each position. Ensured organizational flexibility by managing individual performance and feedback regarding job design and operational training.

Successfully appealed the initial IRS denial of federal non-profit tax-exempt status. Pursued the IRS representative until obtaining details about the rationale for the initial denial of non-profit status. Researched the IRS 501(c) classification code for evidence that the corporation was in compliance with requirements for at least one type of organization applicable. Strengthened the aspects of the corporation that demonstrated compliance with the appropriate organization type and emphasized the evidence of qualification in my appeal. Saved the corporation from having to pay federal taxes. Reduced bookkeeping expense by 75%. Allowed for additional non-profit status benefits and funding opportunities to be pursued.

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