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Melissa Cody

Melissa Cody

Alternative Energy Technology Columnist


Salem, MO, US

Work Samples
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NEW FORUM: Cavetronics Informatics Academia introduces generalized discussion of advanced sciences, technology and environmental issues.  It features a broad range of topics and special interests such as ZPE, glitch science, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, global consciousness, metaphysics and environmental & political activism.

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About Me
Melissa Cody is an active member of the Open Source community, serving in the area of Free & Alternative Energy Research & Development as Research & Data Analyst and Lab Assistant for four years.

Number of years experience : 4

Salary preference : $50,000 - $60,000

Number of people managed: 5-10

Security clearance : Yes

Military experience : Yes

Languages : English

This member does not have any skills to display.
Work History
St. Louis

Job Title: Alternative Energy Technology Columnist

Time Frame: Mar 2009 To present

Job Description: * Research and write columns for online national newspaper:
* Collect current newsworthy information and report accurate news.
* Execute duties via virtual environment to include composition of online newspaper layout.
* Responsible for online marketing for freelance journalism.


Job Title: Front-end Web Developer, eCommerce

Time Frame: Feb 2009 To May 2009

Job Description: * Responsible for Front-End Web Development & eCommerce for virtual company, Education Online, founded by Dr. John Leddo.
* Utilize internet communications in a virtual teamwork environment.
* Create paid access web interface for educational software to school children, parents & teachers.
* Aid in the creation of a virtual library of educational research findings and commentary, a chat room, a lecture hall, and online resources, such as tutorials and assessments.

Cavetronics R&D Energy Labs

Job Title: Research & Data Analyst

Time Frame: Jul 2005 To present

Job Description: * Perform the duties of lab assistant, analyst, web developer, and project manager.
* Author and co-author research papers with research & development in an alternative energy lab environment reading electronic equipment. Calculate and chart results.
* Analyze data and generate charts using Microsoft Excel.
* Attended on site field training in Canada & Hawaii.
* Perform office skills: flow charts, graphs, file conversion software applications, conversion tables, filing applications.

Job Title: Creator, Concept Manager, Developer

Time Frame: Apr 2004 To Apr 2010

Job Description: * Developed metaphysical concepts and described those ideas through virtual media.
* Authored and published over 300 web pages of research, commentary, and working theories:
-- “Dreams and Global Consciousness: concerning the next evolution of Psychology”
-- “Quantum Entanglement & the Limits of Psychology”
-- “Overturning Negative Space and Seeing Dark Matter”
-- “Archaeological Dig for god: Ancestor Cults & the Soul Matrix”
-- “STARGATE: Psy-ence of the Gate of God [Quantum Tunneling]”
-- “Fractions within Time Frames”
-- “Fragments of Time and 9-11”

Against the Grain Productions

Job Title: Fine Artist, Owner

Time Frame: Jan 1990 To present

Job Description: * Pyrography, drawings, watercolor, charcoal, pin & ink, oils, oil pastels: professional Fine Artist with 19 years experience.
* Attended some college courses: Commercial Art & Advertising (1991).
* Displayed artwork at local shops & galleries and was a member of the local Art Guild (1991).
* Experience with commissioned assignments and custom work for businesses.

Job Title: Web Developer, Graphic Artist

Time Frame: Oct 2006 To Dec 2007

Job Description: * Created & maintained business web site for client M&W Wood Products.
* Programmed JavaScript behaviors and generated CSS drop-down menus.
* Scanned and edited photographs using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Macromedia Fireworks MX.
* All other graphic art: logos & Flash text scripts.
* Responsible for internet legal matters and online marketing; and performed search engine submission in XML format.

Job Title: Cofounder, eCommerce Manager

Time Frame: Sep 2006 To Jun 2007

Job Description: * Created eCommerce web site: internet gateway with SSL Certification and .asp data base.
* Maintained business inventory using Microsoft Excel and conversion into HTML format.
* Responsible for domain name registration, transactions, sales, data basing, shopping cart, marketing
* Associate with utilized IFrames and ad banners for online advertising.

Job Title: Cofounder, Lead Project Developer

Time Frame: Jan 2006 To Jan 2007

Job Description: * Designed concepts for cognitive restructuring and the methods of application through an interactive web site.
* Online tests targeted concept mapping the brain, specifically through visualization (color & design) and languages.

N.C. Department of Corrections

Job Title: Correctional Officer

Time Frame: Nov 1999 To Jan 2003

Job Description: * Supervised up to 35 workers in and away from secure facility.
* Controlled operation of inmates' daily routines and job assignments.
* Lieutenants' secretary: performed routine typing and filing duties; and nicknamed the computer guru and tech support.
* Pursued ways to promote higher employee standards for state employees in regards to Equal Opportunity in the workplace.

Melissa's Day Care Home

Job Title: Owner, Operator

Time Frame: Aug 1996 To Aug 1999

Job Description: * Created a client/operator contracts and negotiated with clients.
* Obtained NC State Certification in 1997 and maintained the state requirements: annual Red Cross CPR & First Aid certifications.
* Responsible for safety and welfare of infants, toddlers & school-age children.
* Kept a complete and accurate filing system in Microsoft Word.

PRC, Inc.

Job Title: Switchboard Operator, Security

Time Frame: May 1995 To Aug 1996

Job Description: * Controlled a computerized Honeywell security system for a military complex.
* Held a Secret Clearance at the OCEANA Naval Air Base in VA.
* Restructured the building's library of logs, procedures and disks: used Microsoft Excel.
* Performed various tasks, such as: dictation, data entry, FAXing, filing, operated a switchboard.

US Navy

Job Title: Photojournalist

Time Frame: Jul 1992 To Aug 1994

Job Description: * Worked as a photojournalist: wrote and photographed for the military base's Public Affairs Department.
* Presented tours of the base for ambassadors and dignitaries from all over the world, foreign military personnel and Veteran's groups.
* Learned newspaper layout and design for two naval newspapers “The Gator” and “The Flagship”.
* Regularly substituted as the Captain's secretary and held a Secret Clearance.
* Chosen as Acting Secretary on boards/committees to establish guidelines that would affect enlisted personnel.

Job Title: Webmaster, Site Administrator

Time Frame: Aug 2009 To present

Job Description: * Responsible for the creation of, modifications to an online forum and the host website, which is rated in the 10% of all websites worldwide.
* Accountable for the structure and functionality of a forum for advanced sciences and emerging technologies.
* Manages public relations & implement merger for a uni-forum with, world's only online college for alternative energy.

"Republic Magazine"

Job Title: Alternative Energy Columnist

Time Frame: Oct 2009 To Oct 2009

Job Description: * Published in "Republic Magazine" Issue 17—Politics of Innovation:
o "Truth About Water Powered Cars" by Melissa Cody
* Supplied quotes for the magazine from alternative energy scientists and researchers Brian Prater and Asheweth Palise
* Appeared live on Republic Magazine's Webinar as guest host speaker on October 20, 2009 to discuss and answer questions concerning alternative energy technology and related social issues.

Job Title: Web Developer

Time Frame: Apr 2010 To Apr 2010

Job Description: * Created website and website graphics for medical billing client for the purposes of online marketing with Google and Google Business.
* Applied Google Analytics to monitor website traffic for marketing research.
* Responsible for site maintenance: RSS feed updates, site changes and directory listings.

Job Title: Web Developer, Graphic Artist

Time Frame: May 2010 To May 2010

Job Description: * Contracted to develop a website for local author and songwriter for online marketing of new book release.
* Incorporated PHP email form, Google Business Directory and Facebook links as marketing and networking strategies.
* Graphic art work included transparent company logo, unique website favicon for internet branding, and other original digital graphics created using Linux GIMP 2.6.

This member does not have any certifications & affiliations.

Web Developer, Journalism


Albemarle Senior High


Top Work Assets:

  1. High achiever
  2. Empathy
  3. Plans, prioritizes, and organizes work effectively to produce measurable results in a timely manner
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