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Neal  Huhn

Neal Huhn

Network Systems Analyst

Bridgewater, NJ, US

About Me
Dedicated, take great amount of pride in my work, total advocate of documentation, knowledge sharing and making a contribution as a team member and individual.

Number of years experience : 30

Salary preference : $80,000 - $90,000

Number of people managed:

Security clearance : No

Military experience : No

Languages : English

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Work History

Job Title: HPUX System Admin

Time Frame: Jul 1973 To Jan 2000

Job Description: Held a variety of positions which included:
- Supervisor of Operations - 2nd Shift
- Supervisor of Operations Support (Technical Support group and Production
- Network Support for VSE 4381 and VSE running on IBM 3090 LPAR
- Mainframe Network Support for Vtam configuration changes, NCP gens
for local and remote NCP's and TCPIP.
- Coordinator of Data Center Floorspace, network
cabling to switches and power arrangements with Facilities Management
- Admin for up to 15 HP9000 systems. Included hardware upgrades, software
maintenance in form of patches,Operating System upgrades (i.e. HP/UX 10.1 to 10.20),
file system conversions from HFS to VXFSand upgrades for Y2K compliance.
HPUX OS experience A.09.04, 10.01, 10.20, 11.0,
HPUX OmniBack Backup software working with HPUX DLT7000 Tape Backup unit

CIT Group

Job Title: Network Systems Analyst

Time Frame: Feb 2000 To Aug 2008

Job Description: Support of Lan / Wan Cisco network which included Digital Link, Adtran Muxes, monitoring of network devices via HPUX Openview NNM, network device authentication / security via Cisco Secure ACS and Alterpoint along with
IBM Mainframe network, supporting TCPIP, Connect Direct, VPS/DRS/LRS, FTP, OSA Gig Adapters.
Technical Skills
Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco CATOS, CATIOS, IOS Operating Systems,
Cisco 3550, 6506, 6509 CATOS and IOS SUP2's, SUP32's, SUP720's,
Adtran ADT3 Muxes, Digital Link Muxes, Riverbed Steelheads,
Cisco Secure ACS, Alterpoint,
TCPIP, NPM, Easytrev, Attachmate Extra Personal Client, Hummingbird Exceed,
HP 9000 hardware, HP Openview / NNM, HP Scripting (Crons),
HP/UX OS V10.01, V10.20, V11.0,
HP Jet Direct Print Servers, Visio, MS Excel

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Neal Huhn - Lan Wan Systems Analyst


Bridgewater Raritan High School
Raritan Valley Community College


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