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Prevent bus attacks caused by the shadow
Posted on: 29 November 2017 @ 3.25am

In April of this year, Dortmund was (click hit by a terrorist attack before the Champions League match with Monaco, when a Dortmund bus was attacked by a bomb. Terrorist attacks may cause psychological distress for players in Dortmot, and the psychological pressure on players is far greater than the outside world can see.

According to the German media "Photo newspaper" reported that Dortmund club some of the players sent to the psychologist to receive counseling. Especially Batra, who was wounded in the incident.

"We can not underestimate the impact the incident has had on players." I spoke with psychologists who said that players are most at risk six or seven months after the attacks, and we're going to have to play for the players Provide professional help. "


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