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The eighth week of the regular season
Posted on: 14 November 2017 @ 2.31am

The eighth week of the regular season, although the Texans record and can not be ranked first in the South American division, but their competitive state and performance of Madden Mobile Coins(click the game, the fans can absolutely satisfy and hope. However, the rookie quarterback Watson's sudden game, so that everything is back to the first half of the first week of regular season games - Tom - Savage was dying, back to the team starting quarterback s position. Texas and pony competition, so that fans of the team's enthusiasm and return to the freezing point - the home loss to the bottom of the pony at the bottom of the division, but also in the final wave of red zone attack, Texans would have reversed the lore Chance to Savage was captured kill the ball and the end.

Meanwhile, the Texans have signed quarterbacks TJ-Yates and Josh Johnson, though TJ-Yates used to play in Texas and knew a bit about the team's offensive routines, though Josh Johnson basically counts as A mobile quarterback, how many types with Watson, but the bench as a substitute quarterback, does not seem to have the strength to stand in the team's starting quarterback position.

Since Savigny can not lead the team effectively in the offensive promotion, then the team must look for more outstanding quarterback. As a result, experts and fans from all over the world focused on a once Super Bowl quarterback who - Colin - Capel Nick. In many ways, it seems that Texans should sign the "unemployed youth" to lead the team to the playoffs again this season.


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