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Posted on: 10 October 2017 @ 7.27am

"This is big money," he said, "and their [criminal] cheap runescape gold records look just like every other hoodlum out there convicted felons, burglars, drug convictions . Firearms [violations] and assaults." The cases are pending.. With your company (and I have tested 5 now) I started with 2 teaspoons of White Maeng Da Jong Kong and 1/4 teaspoon added like you suggested of the extract to get a kick to move my rear end. Within 20 minutes after having an egg with olive oil 1 hour prior (not normal however, I have to eat for other reasons right now) still within 20 mins I was ready to do my day and the grocery list began :) I will be placing another order shortly sir.
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And of course there ddosing, recently osrs got Ddosed hard and Jagex was not prepared for it one bit, it was retaliation over a certain player getting muted, Jagex was unable to counter and the only solution in mind was to unmute say certain player to avoid further ddosings. Jagex took this in a calm professional matter and put a protection on items by increasing the death timer which was fine, but they still have not dealt with the Ddoser himself..
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